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To our customers, community, and friends,

We founded Pared just over 4 years ago with one mission: To make restaurant life easier for the businesses who serve our world and for all the people who work in them. During this unprecedented time, our mission has resonated now more than ever.

While I am CEO and co-founder of Pared, I am also a cook, chef, and restaurant owner. I know firsthand how difficult these times are for our industry. Over the past few months, I’ve spoken to many people in our industry about how they are dealing with this crisis – from executives at the biggest brands to independent restaurant owners.  And while on occasion there are silver linings of restaurants that have been able to transform their business to thrive in this COVID-19 world, those stories are few and far between. The majority of us are struggling to understand how to keep the lights on and how to pay the bills. We are all in uncharted waters.

My own restaurant, Spice Kit, is also a victim of these times. While we are open for takeout and delivery, our sales are just a fraction of what they were pre-COVID. We are struggling with landlords who don’t understand and supported by vendors who do, but face a dearth of customers who are still working from home and don’t feel safe dining out. When does this end? When do things return to normal? Will we survive this? These are all questions I ask myself and I’m sure all of you are asking yourselves too.

Here at Pared, our team has been committed to helping our industry chart a course for the future. We firmly believe that restaurants and foodservice will get through this. We believe that humans need our restaurants to socialize, celebrate, and connect with each other. We believe that once COVID-19 is under control, whether through social behaviors, vaccinations, or a sheer miracle, our industry will come back stronger than ever. But the problems that Pared needs to solve to make restaurant life easier will be different.

When we founded this company 4 years ago, the industry needed a quick way to staff and an easy way for workers to supplement their income. So Pared created the first-ever gig platform for foodservice. But in a post-COVID world, we know that the challenges will be different. So as of July 31st, we will be suspending our gig platform to solve the future problems of our industry.   

As our businesses reopen in the time of COVID-19, we will need to hire full-time employees faster than ever before and find the best talent so that our businesses can get back on their feet quickly. The 11 million people who work in our industry will also desperately need to find full-time jobs and income. To that end, Pared has transformed our technology to serve the future needs of our industry. We have leveraged all of our matching algorithms that made gigs awesome into “paring” the right candidates with the right jobs which will save hours of time and thousands of dollars. Pared will enable businesses to hire the best talent faster than any legacy job board could ever allow. On the jobseeker side, talent will be able to use their verified Pared profile to stand out from the crowd and get personalized recommendations for jobs and can get hired faster.

As of today, we are launching our Job Posting feature, which will allow businesses to post job openings for free. If you’re a business owner or hiring manager reading this, then there is no reason to pay for a Craigslist or Indeed posting like you normally would. We know cash is tight and your hiring needs are changing every day, so we want to support the industry by giving this feature to you at no cost, and your post will be seen by the people you want – vetted industry professionals. For more information, click here. Or to start posting your jobs to our network, use this form.

These are unprecedented times, but Pared is committed to helping you navigate it. We will get through this together and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

In your service,
Will Pacio
CEO & Co-founder Pared

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