Case Study: How Rice & Gold Avoids Staff Burnout


Case Studies

“Any hour that a Pared cook works for me, I’m saving one hour of overtime.”

– Jae Lee, Executive Chef, Rice & Gold

Jae Lee is the executive chef of Rice & Gold as well as the property chef at Hotel 50 Bowery where he oversees all banquet operations, in-room dining service, and the menu of the hotel’s rooftop bar, The Crown. Prior to this, Jae served as executive chef of Zuma NYC, part of the Morimoto Group.

The Challenge: A cycle of buyouts and burnouts:

The year-end holiday season is notoriously challenging for the hospitality industry. With holiday parties and celebrations concentrated in December, culinary staff are often asked to work extra hours. Meanwhile operators must find ways to accommodate these requests while continuing to manage the business during already demanding times. According to Pared’s internal data, catering bookings typically increase by 150% from November to December.

For Jae, a winter buyout at Rice & Gold forced him to consider how his existing staff could support the event while keeping overtime spend at a minimum. “I can’t put my cooks on seven days nor do I want to put them on for seven days… I don’t want anyone to burn out during the holiday season” said Jae.

Why Pared: Rein in overtime spending with reliable temporary staff

For this event, Jae needed kitchen staff to help cook and prep food. An HR manager first introduced him to Pared and using the website, he was able to book the necessary staff. “Any hour that a Pared cook works for me, I’m saving one hour of overtime [pay]” Jae noted. Despite using Pared as a cost-cutting measure, Jae also found there was no sacrifice in quality. The Pros that Pared provided “were the staff I needed to execute and [they] were reliable.”

Why Pared: High-touch customer support ensures users’ success

While the app and website are easy to use, Pared always makes it a priority to give each new customer dedicated support so bookings will always be seamless. Not long after signing up, Jae spoke with his account manager. Jae recalls, “someone from Pared walked us through it over the phone… After that I had an idea of how to book and when to book. It was pretty simple”

“They show that they’re serious about what they do and they’ll make us happy.”

If any hiccups did arise, Pared’s support team was again swift to respond. They made sure that if what Pared delivered fell short of Jae’s expectations for any reason at all, the issue will be properly addressed. Jae explains, “They show that they’re serious about what they do and they’ll make us happy.”

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