Case Study: How Artiserie Sandwich Boutique Saved Nearly $14,000 in Restaurant Labor Costs

Artiserie Sandwich Boutique saved $14,000 in labor cost using Pared for staffing. They also saw improved efficiency and quality. Artiserie was able to take on a lot more catering business and increase revenue.


Case Studies

“We’re able to take on more business because Pared is always there.” 

– Gavin Caganoff, Co-Founder of Artiserie Sandwich Boutique

The challenge: Wasted time and money on a revolving door of staff

Being down the street from New York’s City Grand Central Station can be a boon for any business given its high levels of foot traffic from tourists and locals alike. Certainly a strategic location for Artiserie Sandwich Boutique, but it’s one that demands higher levels of production to meet consumer demand. 

While operating at high volumes, staffing disruptions can be especially problematic. When a full-time staff member was let go from Artiserie, Co-Founder Gavin Caganoff had to focus on filling that position. “We were finding part-time people in our network and advertising on Craigslist. There was a revolving door [of staff] trying to fill these hours,” recalled Gavin. “We were just going through so many people that the kitchen wasn’t performing efficiently because we were constantly having to train new people.”

Why Pared: Keep your team focused while Pros handle the rest

Gavin heard about Pared through an advertisement and decided to give it a try. He adjusted the team’s workload so that a Pared Pro took on most of Artiserie’s prep tasks on certain days. This way, Artiserie no longer had to pull their own staff away from their work to retrain new hires who may not have worked out in the long run. Gavin said, “Not only does [Pared] help us be more productive, it helps our staff be more focused on what we want them to do.” With their core staff able to focus on execution, Artiserie saw real savings on labor spend. Gavin stated, “The exact amount we have saved on labor in 2019 from January through August compared to 2018 is $13,966.99.”  

Gavin also noticed a positive impact on Artiserie’s efficiency and quality. “Things look and taste the way they are supposed to. That naturally converts to more loyal customers.” Furthermore, he noticed that the team was prepared for lunch service much earlier than before. “It’s given us another thirty minutes of breathing time. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re trying to time everything out and you’ve got catering orders, breakfast is still going on, and you’re setting up front-of-house, thirty minutes can be a lot,” Gavin shared. 

Why Pared: Unlock new business opportunities without being stretched thin

With Artiserie’s staffing concerns minimized, they were able to take on larger catering orders to grow their business. Artiserie can typically fulfill up to five catering orders on a given day, but they do occasionally receive additional requests that they previously would have had to turn away. To fulfill those extra requests would have meant decreased food quality and staff burnout. “We could do it without a [Pared] Pro – we have tried – but our standard drops drastically. Not just in the kitchen but across all areas of the business,” said Gavin. However, by tapping into Pared’s roster of qualified staff to support the business, Artiserie no longer has to turn away those additional catering orders. “We’re able to take on more business because Pared is always there.” 

About Artiserie Sandwich Boutique:

A Really Great Sandwich, Made Really Fast. Such is the mission of Artiserie — to deliver a superb, all-natural sandwich at lightning speed while delighting customers with personal care and service. Artiserie serves walk-in, delivery, and catering customers daily and has been a Pared customer since July 2018.

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