Case Study: How Ardesia Wine Bar Stays Resilient When Facing Staffing Challenges


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The Challenge: Staff callouts leave an already lean team stretched thin

Having trained for nearly a decade under Eric Ripert at the iconic Le Bernardin, Mandy Oser knows a thing or two about leadership. As the founder of Ardesia Wine Bar, her secret to running any team is treating staff members well. The key, Mandy said is “treating your employees with the utmost respect. It’s about taking care of your people inside first so they can take care of others.” 

While prioritizing her team members’ wellbeing has contributed to their overall loyalty, life still happens and callouts are inevitable. Mandy acknowledged that “for a small business, [staffing] is one of the hardest things to maintain.” To cope with this challenge, she did what many other operators do: frantically reach out to her network. “Calling friends, calling an old staff member, Craigslist… there was really nothing, other than panicked calls” Mandy shared.

Why Pared: Go from tapping out your phone book to tapping into Pared’s network

With tens of thousands of vetted, qualified hospitality professionals in four major cities, Pared’s talent pool is unparalleled. The 99% fill rate means operators can always book shifts with confidence. Pros are custom-matched to each shift based on their skill level, and can arrive ready to help in as little as two hours.

Since using Pared, Mandy’s reactions to callouts have evolved from panic to peace of mind. During one particularly busy period, Mandy recounted, “instead of the situation being, ‘Oh that sucks. We’re going to work a million hours overtime.’ It was like, ‘Cool, why don’t we line someone up ahead of time from Pared?’” With Pared handling Ardesia’s staffing challenges, Mandy can return to improving and growing the rest of her business.

Mandy’s three tips for success on Pared:

  1. Greet your Pro –  “[Pros] should be greeted immediately, warmly, and made to feel a part of the team even if they will only be with you for a shift.”
  2. Give them a tour – “Doing a little orientation when they arrive and making sure they know where everything is.”
  3. Set clear expectations – “Have a realistic expectation of what function they’re going to perform.”

Join Mandy and sign up for Pared. See what’s like to never be short-staffed again.

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