Introducing Pared Connections (Part 1)


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Pared’s platform is all about matching Pros to gig opportunities or helping business operators fill labor shortages. Inevitably, between the thousands of gigs we match on a weekly basis, there’s a match made in heaven. In those cases, we’ve often heard feedback that our customers wish there was a way to stay connected. With Pared Connections, Pros and operators now have the ability to connect with one another even after the gigs ends.

If an operator was wowed by a Pro’s skills and wants to invite them back, there’s now a way to do so in the app. Operators can also connect with other operators at their business or others to network and keep those relationships in their back pockets. For Pros who enjoyed working at a certain location, now there’s a way to stay in touch with contacts there. Pros can also connect with each other to see share tips and see who else is joining them on their next gig. 

How does it work?

[1] In the Pared or Pared Pros app, navigate down to the ME tab at the bottom menu. 

[2] Tap the icon in the top left corner to access your Pending Invites.

[3] Navigate over to the Suggested tab to sync your contacts, see who you already know on Pared, and begin making connections.

Stay tuned to the Pared blog as we’ll be releasing more exciting enhancements to Connections very soon.

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