Our New VP of Customer Success: Maranda Dziekonski


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We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Maranda Dziekonski has joined our team to run Customer Success at Pared. Maranda is well-known and well-respected in the Customer Success community for her years of making customers happy at companies like Lending Club, Castlight Health, HelloSign and rentLEVER. 

Maranda was most recently the COO at rentLEVER where she helped vacation home owners manage their rental properties. Prior to that, she was the VP of Customer Success and Customer Operations at HelloSign, one of the world’s leading eSignature companies. She’s also an Advisory Board Member for Catalyst Software, an industry leading customer success software platform. Maranda has a history of understanding the needs of the customer and making sure that the customer relationship comes first.

“When I dug deeper beyond the culture, the team, and the product what I really saw was an opportunity to bring Customer Success to a team that believed in the success of customers. As a Customer Success leader, wherever I land it is table stakes for me that the team understands the true value of making customers successful. And the Pared team embodies that. I’ve always said that Customer Success cannot succeed when operating in a vacuum. And here at Pared, I know that I will always have a supportive team rooting for everyone’s success.”

We’re committed to making sure that our hospitality clients are well taken care of. Our customers are busy taking care of their customers every day and hold us to a high standard. As we say internally: Our job is to serve those who serve us. We believe that customer satisfaction is critical and having an experienced leader like Maranda is very important to our success as a company. It’s a very small world in the hospitality industry where trust and reputation are earned. Maranda will be in charge of earning that trust and building that reputation for Pared.

“Pared has an amazing culture that is not just your cliche startup/tech culture. We have a group of folks that love to collaborate, innovate and celebrate together.”

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