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My name is Edward Crocker and I was born in New York as an Army brat. I saw the world at a young age because of this and joined the Army in hopes of seeing more. After I honorably discharged, I decided it was time to get an education, so I used my military benefits to pay for my rent as I went to school but eventually those benefits ran out and and I had to look for work. I had been in and out of the restaurant business quite a few times, so I looked for a job within the field but couldn’t really find anything that caught my eye until I was looking online one day and I saw an ad for Pared. At first, I thought it was to good to be true since they offered competitive pay and a flexible schedule, but before I knew it I found myself working in a string of fine dining restaurants like Atelier Crenn and Saison.

With Pared, I was now able to fulfill a demanding college schedule as well as work because of the app-based system they have. The flexibility is definitely my favorite part about the whole experience and without it I honestly don’t think I would have been able to graduate on time. I am currently working towards being a firefighter and will continue to work on Pared until I reach that goal.

If you are thinking about joining Pared, but are unsure, all it takes is filling an application. There is no pressure to complete a certain amount of gigs a month to stay on and you simply work at your own pace.

Jamie Li

Jamie Li heads up our elite forces known as the Pared Pro Operations team. Prior to Pared, Jamie worked in operations at Lyft and marketing at Yahoo!.

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