Pared Pro-File: Victor Aguilera



My name is Victor Aguilera. I’m originally from Venezuela and started working in the industry when I was 16 at this restaurant called Tatu in the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. I moved up the ranks quickly and fell in love with the culinary world more and more which took me into school. I promised myself ten years later that I was going to make it on to Food Network. Funnily enough, I did make it to Cutthroat Kitchen. I didn’t win, but I was proud that I fulfilled my promise to myself and I haven’t stopped learning and trying to make a name for myself ever since.

I was a sous chef for many years and finally just celebrated my first year as an executive chef for Sabrosa in the Marina district of San Francisco, but it wasn’t easy. I knew when I got to this place it was really going to need some work. When I look back to where we were to where we are today, it’s amazing how much change and improvement we’ve made.

I am very proud to say that I am not done thanks to Pared. When I first moved to the city from Florida two years ago, it helped me get to know the city better. I was able to explore where I’d really like to work and meet incredible chefs and people, whom I not only made connections with but I also learned something from each and every person and place. I love that I can go anywhere new and always see what someone else is doing and have the chance to make it even better. I love what I do and I’m going to keep doing this my whole life. Thank you Pared!

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